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How Important Is It To Rank On Bing?

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Google dominates search engines. With billions of searches each day, Google is really a tough act to follow. So when SEO or search engine optimization is concerned, the first thing that comes to mind is optimizing a website for Google.

Well, there are many other search engines out there like Bing. What about them? They also serve the same purpose like Google, right?

Due to extreme popularity of Google, other search engines are left behind. SEO’s get second thoughts whether to exert effort on other engines or not. Well, is optimizing for Bing a waste of precious time or a good strategy in SEO? Find out.

Bing in the long run.

SEO cannot be done in just a blink of an eye. It takes great time and effort in order to yield a result. So, let us put it this way that you have concentrated on optimizing for Google only. You got what you worked for. You landed on the first page or second page of results where you pictured your website to be. Since you focused much on Google, you forgot that sometimes it changes its algorithm. Now, that is where the problem starts. Let us say that your strategy and the change in the algorithm of Google take you out of the top spots and leave you into oblivion. Say goodbye to all the hard work and energy you applied in SEO for Google.

Here is another situation with similarities in the previous one.

Your primary area of concern with regards to optimization is Google but you spend around 25-35% in optimizing for Bing. You get the same results. You obtained the spots you are aiming in the first or second page of results. Now, the problem arises. Google suddenly changed the algorithm and knocks you off the charts. Do not cry or weep. Since you have done great job in optimizing for Bing, your clients can still find you in Bing which is really a nice comeback from the difficulties brought by Google.

Yes, Google is a powerhouse when it comes to search engines but do not close your doors with possibilities. You will never know when Google will turn its back on you.


Have you heard someone say “Bing it!”? No. We always hear people go “Google it”. That is no wonder why many SEO’s have chosen Google as the center of attention. But, let us not forget that Google does not own 100% of the market share. Although compared to the 67% internet search engine market share of Google, Bing and other search engines hold around 29% market share. See? Say, you have the majority, what about the remaining percentage? Are you going to put it to waste? I hope not. 29% is still a lot of searches, right?

The use of search engines is still affected by customers’ preferences.  What do I mean by that? Political and education aspects may affect search engine preferences. Let’s take a look at a study conducted by WebPageFX. (

This is the trends in then usage of search engines by location in US.

See? You cannot solely depend on Google to make things work. Bing will help you on your way. If you are targeting specific group of people in a specific location, it is good to know the statistics.


Now, we can say that you decided to optimize for Google and a little for Bing. Yahoo! May come up in your mind. Do not worry. Yahoo! is powered by Bing. Meaning to say, you are going to optimize for one search engine and you can yield result in both Yahoo! and Bing. Having second thoughts? No need because Bing and Google’s algorithm are the same in some manner.

Both search engines use keywords and links when they work. So, we can say that you can apply your strategy for Google into Bing.

Here are some differences between Bing and Google that you can note.

  1. It is a fact that Flash Media is not working well with Google but Bing, luckily, does great job with it and gives credit to website that uses it.
  2. Searches on Bing and Google give different results. Google gives the customers the list of large and established companies while Bing assumes that the most proximal thus giving you list of local small businesses in town. Sounds great if you are a starter and a small business in town.
  3. When it comes to keywords, Google is way smarter than Bing. Bing relies on keywords on page titles and on the page making it straightforward.

SEO does not necessarily mean optimizing for Google, it is about the customers. If you want to target larger prospective visitors then, you really have to optimize also for Bing. It adds the possibility for your website to attract visitors since you appear on both search engines. It creates reliability in your part. Customers will tend to put a higher trust on you since you can be found no matter where they go.